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2018 Dirt Series Rulebook 


This a small rulebook as we all should know how to behave, please don't make us add a rule for every little thing.


1.1 Qualifying

*Closed Qualifying: 10 Min, 2 laps


1.2 Race start and restarts

*Initial start will be on the Iracing green flag

*Restarts will be started by the leader

*Restart zone will be from when the pace truck makes its move off the track to the green flag.

*No laying back on starts/restarts

*Pace speed must be held to within 5 MPH of pace speed

* No passing before start finish line


1.3 Lucky Dog

*Iracing race control system will be in control of all wave around and lucky dogs


1.4 Flags

*Yellow flags will be controlled by Iracing

*Black flags will only be cleared for crashing into pits, using pit road to avoid a crash or a restart crash.


1.5 Iracing rules

*NoBull follows all other Iracing race control rules and sporting code


1.6 Rules disclaimer

*NoBull admins reserve the right to edit, add, or remove the contents of the rulebook during the season

*Rules will only be altered if a situation arises during a race that NoBull feels need to be added or to further clarify a rule

*Any rule changes will be announced be for the next race

*Any rule changes will be highlighted in red for the remainder of the season

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